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Supported Systems

  • HP3000 running MPE
  • HP9000 running HP-UX
  • HP RX Series Itanium servers
  • HP Proliant servers (AMD and Intel)

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The Next Step

To learn more about how an InnerVu support/maintenance implementation can be applied to your specific operational environment, please use our online support interface, or call us at (209) 923-2708.

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Full-Service HP 3000 and HP MPE Support

InnerVu is a professional services organization which provides expert service and highly customized IT support solutions for the computing needs of small, mid-size, and large companies and institutions. InnerVu is a Washington State corporation and a veteran-owned small business.

Maintenance Programs

InnerVu Corporation provides system maintenance and emergency repair for HP, Sun, IBM, and Dell owners. We offer a selection of on-site plans, parts programs and highly customizable professional support services.

Hot Line

All InnerVu maintenance and parts programs include 24/7 x 365 Hotline Help Desk Service. This service features a dedicated number and live operators.

Online Contract Maintenance

InnerVu provides secure online access to your support contracts using a system called iSupport. iSupport puts component-level support data at your finger tips when it is needed most. The rest of the time iSupport helps keep everyone on the same page, such as during system review or strategic planning situations.

Online Trouble Ticket System

Effective communication is the key to remaining organized during a support incident.

The iSupport trouble ticket system provides a central and shared point of communication for all parties. This provides situational awareness which allows teams to properly synchronize their activities for maximum effect.

iSupport also facilitates critical event notification during support episodes which is a significant compliment to email, voice, and all of the other usual methods of support related communication.

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